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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello World...Here I Come! :-)

josiah david williams
9:29 p.m.
7lbs 9 oz
20 in
Hello Everybody! Since Mom and Dad are either constantly changing me, feeding me, putting me to sleep, or desperately trying to catch a few minutes of sleep themselves, I figured I would introduce myself to the blogosphere. My name is Josiah and I hear that I look a LOT like my Dad. Maybe in time when my vision comes into focus I'll be able to tell for myself! Though life outside the womb was very different and, frankly, terrifying at first, I'm settling into my new life just fine. My life is pretty nice right now...all I do is sleep, eat, and soil my diapers! But, I am a curious little boy, and I love to keep my bright eyes open and observe what's going on around me. Oh, and I also a grasper! I have big hands (I assume like my Daddy!) and I like to grab onto whatever is within my reach. My Mom and Dad love me a lot and treat me like a prince. I have lots of cool clothes - even if there are a little big for me right now! :-) My room is really cool too...I can't wait until I get to sleep in it all the time! Well, that's all about me for right now. I'm sure there will be much more written about me (or by me!) in the near future. So, until next time, enjoy the slideshow! :-)

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