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Friday, October 16, 2009


Since we moved into our house we have been BUSY! I have so many things to fill ya'll in on I am slightly overwhelmed. That said, this post will be bullets to make this quick and easy.

*We have been PAINTING. Every single wall of our new house has been re-painted excluding the guest bedroom and guest bathroom. Those are the rooms I still have to paint. I know ya'll want photos. When it is finished (AKA pictures on the wall) I will do a before and after post. I don't see the point in doing a before and half way done post. So far, I love it but it is a lot of work.

*Tia Sarah came to visit last week. Tia means "Aunt" in Spanish. My brothers kids are bilingual and refer to us sister as "Tias" so it has stuck. Whenever I refer to Tia/Tia I mean Aunt/Uncle. We had so much fun with Tia Sarah. She got to see the famous Balloon Fiesta. The balloons literally fly over our house every morning. I know one day Josiah will really love it. We went to a balloon glow at dusk where all the special shape balloons were about 2 feet off the air and lit. It was beautiful. Again, Josiah wasn't that excited, but Tia Sarah and I got funnel cake! We also used the week to paint Josiah's room. Once I get his wall hangings up I will post a photo. Thanks for the help Sarah! It is so cute! Josiah loves and misses you!

* A few weekends ago I left Josiah (with his Daddy) for the first time for a weekend. I flew to San Antonio to see my old roommate Beth also known as "sweets" get MARRIED! I'm so glad I could make it. It was such a fun weekend! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey!

* The week before I left Josiah got sick for the first time. He had a ear ache, a cold, and a yeast infection on his bottom from his constant diarrhea. It was SO SAD! Thankfully once he got some antibiotics he recovered quickly.

*We need to buy a lawn mower. We only have grass in the backyard but we haven't mowed it yet. It is VERY long.

*Josiah has hist first tooth coming in! He is also now eating a big array of fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. He has even learned to put his "puffs" in his mouth by himself.

*I love fall! Adam loves fall because it is pumpkin season. He has lovingly requested that he have a pumpkin dish every week from October through December. I have been behind so today I will make pumpkin muffins to start off fall in a belated fashion!

*Josiah is in the process of learning the word "NO" and boundaries. When he touches something he isn't supposed to he is told "NO" (in a stern, calm voice) and flicked on the hand. I was TERRIBLE at it at first. Terrible as in he wasn't learning the word "No" because he couldn't feel my flicks. But the past few days I have gotten much more serious after beginning the book To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. Josiah is actually learning. When I say "NO" he usually backs away from the dangerous object. I am so proud of him! I am also amazed with how early training begins. Literally from Josiah first days home he is being trained by my actions toward him as well as my responses whether or not I am conscientiously training him or not. I guess I just always assumed you had a few years before that began. Goodness, was I wrong. I really am loving every second of it though. I love watching him grow and develop and become more affectionate. My baby loves kisses. Is anyone surprised? That is one aspect I have definitely been training him in for quite a while:)

Okay...there is more but no one like to read super long posts. I'm off to work on the muffins. Feel free to leave pumpkin recipes if you want!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It Is About That Time...

Josiah is such a sweet baby. Really, sweet would be the FIRST word I would use to describe him. I know all moms say that, but really, my baby is SWEET. Now that everyone knows that.

It is about that time.

It is about that time when Josiah is big enough to explore everything. He is doing just that! He has been crawling for a while now but in the last few weeks he has turned into a speed demon. He goes all around the house. He used to follow me where I went but now he just goes off on his own. His new favorite things are the kitchen trashcans, any kind of cord, and then he still has his old favorites, the remote controls. The toilet would be his favorite but he has only experienced it one or two times as Adam and I learned quickly that the bathroom doors need to be SHUT at all times.

It can be exhausting at times but that is why God made babies so cute right? We are just learning how to baby proof everything and keep him out of trouble but that is pretty difficult as he looks for trouble.

All of these photos happened while I was cooking dinner and Josiah rolled out into the hallway for about thirty seconds. It took him thirty seconds for him to pull the box of pictures off the bench, unload the diaper bag, and find a pen to suck on. The first picture is of Josiah right after the fact in the kitchen so HAPPY about what he did. The towels on his lap are the kitchen towels. He loves to pull them down over and over again.

Let the good times begin.

What happens when he is walking???