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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kissing Fool

For the longest time Josiah did not know how to close him mouth and pucker for a kiss. He understood that a kiss was a way we showed our affection to him. He wanted to show his affection for us as well and for his friends and for anyone that would get too close to his face. He gave the sweetest, most wet kisses ever. I loved them but I think you have to be a parent, or at least a relative, to not get a little bit grossed out by another individual licking your lips (even if he is a cute Josiah baby). He had a habit of kissing his friends. Many of his friends did not like the slobber and began screaming in his face or pulling their heads away to avoid his wet kisses. I was secretly worried about him. Every girl knows wet kisses are gross..eww.

Well, things have changed. Josiah now puckers and says "mmm" when he leans in for a sweet kiss. He is also in the process of learning how to blow kisses. Right now he puts his hand over his mouth but doesn't pull it away. It is the the thought that counts right?

We have ourselves one sweet, affectionate boy. He likes to kiss any child he meets, especially little girls and babies. My question is how does he instinctively know that a little baby is smaller than him and how does he know that babies need kisses? I mean he isn't that big himself.

Enjoy the sweet kissing boy!

PS. Rylea is the sweet baby girl in the video. She is one of Josiah's best friends. She is awful patient with him:) We love you Rylea. Sorry you have to get kissed so much!

My apologies that you have to tilt your head to watch the video. I can't rotate it.