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Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Year Ago...

It was 6:07 in the morning. I heard rhythmic whining. I pulled my eye lids apart and strained my eyes to look at the monitor by my bed. Josiah was sleep whimpering, head still down on his mattress.

In my head I told myself, "good! He isn't up yet. You probably have at least a half hour more of sleep".

For the next fifty minutes I was sprawled out across the bed using Adam's pillow as he had gotten up to work out. Yes, my husband gets up every morning to work out. No, I don't get up with him. Don't judge me! I have plans of re-joining him (meaning I actually have done it before) and have been waiting for the "proper" timing...meaning, Josiah had to be out of his waking up at night because he is excited he can walk phase. This phase has ended...I am preparing myself mentally and physically for the 5:30 AM workouts...soon it will happen:)

I was woken up again by loud crying mixed with loud EEEEE noises and laughing. After looking at the monitor, I realized it was time to start the day as Josiah was standing up in his crib. This is always the sign that sleep is over.

Approximately four minutes later Adam walked into the bedroom holding Josiah who was chirping. Adam said, "Look! It is Momma girl" and Josiah did a dive for my face to give me one of his sweet, wet kisses. I cuddled him at my side and said "let's nap sweet boy". He laid still cuddling with me for a blissful fifteen seconds and then sat up and started grabbing my lips...the day had began. After that it was breakfast, changing pants, cleaning throw up, saying good bye to Daddy, and then Josiah and me for the rest of the day.

It is a good day.

Josiah is happy. He is walking around, nearly running everywhere. He is opening cupboards, climbing on anything and everything, and attacking me every few minutes with his huge bear hugs.

Last year today was a different morning than this morning. This day last year after waking up and Adam leaving, my water broke...or leaked actually. It began the terribly long process of Josiah's birth. It is so weird that at this time last year I didn't know my baby. I knew I had a baby in my tummy. I knew he would be a precious, a marvelous blessing, but I didn't know him.

I didn't know that he would be terribly strong and arch his back, so his tummy nearly touches the ceiling of the car, when he is put in his car seat one too many times.

I didn't know he would have the most contagious, belly laugh I have ever heard.

I didn't know he would roll his tongue for the fun of it or make a "trilling" noise in the back of his throat when really mad.

I didn't know he would adore kisses and hugs and affection.

I didn't know he would love smoothies just like his Daddy.

I didn't know he would be born with the longest, most adorable, out of control, curly hair I had every seen an infant have.

I didn't know this little baby boy that is so precious. This year is much different. This weekend we won't be at the hospital. We will be at home with friends and family, all wearing jungle animal birthday hats celebrating the birth of a very special little boy.

I am so glad you were born Josiah. You have blessed me more than I could have imagined. I love you more than I thought possible. I am so excited to see your little personality grow over the years to come! You are my gift from God!

Your Momma Girl

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuteness for Friday

Here are some photos that are a few weeks old but too cute to not be seen! I was a horrible mommy and barely took any photos during our holiday traveling. Josiah saw a BUNCH of family that all got to love on him I just don't have any photos of it...except of him with Tia Anna.

He just loved Tia Anna's scarf and she just loved naked baby Josiah playing with her girly scarf. I didn't have the guts to tell him that boys don't normally play with pinkish scarfs.

Why does pink have to be a girl color anyway? Adam looks GREAT in pink. Girls can wear blue why can't boys wear pink scarfs? Josiah clearly doesn't care about social constructs and is so confidant in his cute boyish baby-ness that he can be naked and wear a pink scarf with a smile and be STYLIN the whole time!

We love you Tia Anna! Josiah loved playing with you and your scarf. By the way, it is super cute!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tired of Christmas

Yay for 2010!

I'm sorry but that just sounds so weird! One very exciting thing about 2010 is Josiah will be ONE on the 31st of January. I have had many thoughts about planning his party and have even written out a list of "friends". Most of the list consists of my friends as he has a few but it isn't like they call each other or anything. The boy is dependent on me to make friends for him. I do my best:)

All I really wanted to to tell you guys today is that I don't have energy to write anything funny, witty, or interesting. The point of this post is to tell you that I am tired. It is Josiah's nap time and the fact that I have sacrificed this much time away from my possible rest time is a BIG deal...ya'll should feel loved. With all the travelling we did over the holidays Josiah got royally messed up as far as sleeping goes. We were getting things back to normal and I was so happy!

And then...

Josiah started walking.

This changed everything.

Yes, walking changed his sleeping at night...weird I know.

Talk to the baby about it.

I asked his Dr. about it and she said this is very typical and he is "too excited about walking" to sleep well. He also practices his walking in his sleep.

When she said that, I go it. Basically, learning to walk for Josiah is like what Christmas is to other kids. Can you imagine having the excitement of Christmas every time you went to bed? What if every morning was Christmas?

I think Josiah's excitement is cute but it is getting old. If you didn't know I need sleep. I get cranky and can't think straight. Right now I feel that way and am going to go rest while I can. Hopefully, tonight will better!

But I still keep thinking this is just the beginning. Josiah still has so many things to learn to do! They surely can't all be like Christmas to him!

Only time will tell...

Monday, January 4, 2010

He Is A Walking Man!

After being very close for quite some time, Josiah built up his confidence to start walking. He still does the straight knee walk because he is a little too timid to bend his knees. It is just adorable. This was a few days ago and now he is walking all around the house with his knees straight and hands out in front like Frankenstein. We are so proud of you Josiah!