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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby News

You read that title right!

We have some baby news!

Little gummy bear Williams is due Sept. 15th 2011!

We are all kinds of excited.

I am not all kinds of excited to know that this summer I will be large and in charge and very pregnant and HOT. But at least with having a baby in September, fall and winter will be soon to follow and I won't have to put a bathing suite on for at least 8 months.

You should all be relieved about that. Take a deep breath. Go ahead.

I am eight weeks along. We just had our first DR appointment and were relieved to find that so far everything is looking good. We were also relieved to see ONE cute little baby inside me. Adam is always teasing me "how are the twins?" He says it so much I was starting to worry I had twins. Now, if we had twins, we would welcome them with delight, but I would PREFER to have babies one wonderful little blessing at a time.

So far other than being excited I have been nauseous and just a wonderful delight to be around:)

Seriously though, I have to give a big thanks to the hubster for being sensitive and kind and understanding. We could not be more thrilled about being pregnant but I am just all kinds of a big baby about the first trimester. If you are reading this and you have never had children, fear not. Not everyone feels bad. My mom always tells me how she never got sick with five children. My older sister had no morning sick symptoms either. These people are wonderfully blessed.

Others of us throw up when we open the refrigerator. Adam has also started sleeping on his right side with his back to me. I was complaining I could not sleep with him breathing near me. I have to tell you, Adam in general smells WONDERFUL. I always tell him be he is the best smelling man in the world. Next time you see him just inhale very strongly and you will love it! But when pregnant, he stinks. Not just him, most everything stinks. Even Josiah freshly washed little baby head stinks. I think baby shampoo stinks. Who am I?

Pregnant in the first trimester I am:).