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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My home + your home= OUR HOME

We have a “home”.
It is “our” home.
Is anyone smiling ear to ear about that statement except me?
Just saying “our home” makes me want to jump up and down and hug people. Come on, you KNOW you want to.
It hit me as I traveling back “home” to ABQ from my trip in Texas. I kept thinking “It will be so good to be home”. It will be so good to curl up in my bed, make Adam espresso in the morning, take a shower in the bathtub with the super powerful shower nozzle, and go running outside without humidity. And then it hit me, wait…I just came from home, I was just visiting home.

Visiting home? Does one do that?


I was visiting my old home….I have a new home and now I realize it and claim it…whoop!

It took me awhile to claim it. The first week of living here we got our phone land line installed. I quickly edited my “home” number in my cell phone from Texas to our land line. I changed my Texas number to “Texas Home”. Well that was all fine and dandy except every time I went to call my parents on my cell our house phone would be ringing. I would even pick it up and answer it only to find I was calling it. I had indeed just dialed “home” instead of “Texas Home”…Adam laughed at me every time.

Something about me being away from “home” made me realize this strange land of enchantment (yes, land of enchantment is our motto) is my home. It made me realize home is more than a stationary place. My home is with Adam, my husband. Being away just wasn’t right. I was missing something….oh, my better half.

It felt great to be home, at my old home that is, but odd because Adam wasn’t there with me. Everyone knows me as single Emily, or Emo, or the crazy Aggie Wrangler girl that makes everyone point their toes, but now I’m Mrs. Williams and although I still hug every one and say silly things and sometimes snort when I laugh too loud.
I’m different.
I’m not whole by myself.

One of the best parts of leaving is returning. Oh, I enjoyed the returning. Adam landed at the airport about 15 minutes before me and was waiting outside of security. I walked out of security and got to do it.
Yes, I got to do the “airport scene”.

I got to run and jump in his arms, and he swung me around several times. This is one of my favorite things in life, airport scenes that is.

I have been practicing since I was a little girl. My sister Anna and I would trade off “the boy part” and take turns jumping and spinning. I didn’t stop practicing when I got too big for Anna to pick me up.

No, basically any of my friends who could pick me up were forced to practice it, at least occasionally.

If you run fast enough you can fling your legs out to the side and the pick up momentum as you the guy spins you. Everyone go out and try it!

Warning: Make sure you jump directly at the guy, sometimes if you jump to the side too early (desiring the leg flinging affect) he can entirely miss you. Also, it is better with your husband.

In the past, I would have to say “pretend like you love me”. But now, I can do airport scenes and I know Adam loves me…no pretending.
God is good, and it is good to be home sweet home!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We did it.
Some said we wouldn't.
But look at us, we are here blogging.
It has been my "Chore" to set up, and I have been waiting for just that right time to be "inspired". I'm still not quite inspired, but I want to be like all my other super cool friends who I blog stalk!

Do we get some kind of cookie or award from all those people who have been making blog requests? How do I even find all you lovely people? I don't know how to add friends. I may be asking Jenn since she is the blog queen.

This first blog is a happy one because...well, because it our first one...and I am happy to have finally sat down and conquered the blog setting up. But this blog is also a sad one because my husband is gone. He is in Asia and has been for 2 weeks. That is a big deal.

Stop laughing you long time married people. That is 1/4 of our marriage time so far! I think there should be a rule that a newly married couple cannot leave eachother until they have been married a year at LEAST.

Although my heart hurt's with missing my Adam, I am so enjoying my family and friends. You see it just happend to work out that Adam had to leave the country at the exact time that my dear friend Amanda Price got engaged. I got to come to College Station just in time to be apart of the event and make it to Kyle and Kristin's (wrangler and ABQ friends) wedding.

I have also gotten to spend precious time with my family in Houston. My Dad is quick to request me cooking every night. I have been practing this cooking thing quite intensely for the past 2 months. He was quite EXCITED to enjoy it. Here is the thing about cooking. It just takes the right recipe! Believe me, I have found quite a few good recipes and quite a few bad ones. Good thing Adam eats really fast when he is hungry. He has barely noticed the bad ones when I have sat there almost in tears unable to eat the nastyness.

That said, who of my lovely married friends wants to start a good recipe blog?? How great would that be? We could ALL be making good recipes. Let me know what ya'll think!

I can't possibly update ya'll on our first 2 months of marriage or this past week and a half all in this post. I shall leave all that to mystery and slowly begin tackling each topic by topic.

That said, I do miss my husband. I want to list my favorite things about him because he just has so many things to like.
Here it goes:
His awesome dread locks, you know you want them
His laugh
His HANDS...omg...have you ever seen them? He needs to be a hand model
His smell...it is so good!
The way he holds me
His smile
The way he prays for us
His heart for kids
The expresso he makes for me on the weekends
The way he makes excel spreads sheets and organizes everything....so adorable...who does that?
Running with him
His encouraging words
Him tickling me...I admit it, I actually enjoy it...shhhh
Everything about his character...
His love of God
The way he oh so gently wakes me up in the morning with kisses when I'm moaning and growning for sure. He is just so sweet to me!

I know single ladies, ya'll are jealous. I sure do have a catch. There is hope. Find ya'll a God loving man, and he will treat ya'll just as good!!