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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yay for Birthdays!

I owe a big thank you to my husband, my baby, my family, and all my great friends. As you know, my birthday was this last weekend. Getting older is not really a positive thing for most people. I can't say I love getting older (today I thought about buying under eye cream for WRINKLES), but I LOVE birthdays. That said, they keep getting better and better! My husband celebrated my birthday all week. I always joke about having a birthday month but really no one has ever celebrated it. But I can honestly say Adam did something special for me every day of the week leading up to my birthday. I can't forget about my momma either. She remembered my birthday week too as I started getting e-cards from her on Monday (love ya momma!). I don't know why I love birthdays so much, but I do!

Oh I remember why...cake! I love cake! Why not have cake all week? Actually, we were pretty good and didn't have cake all week but we did have Adam's home-made milkshakes. I'll take either:).

Okay, time to brag on the hubs. He planned the best day ever. Friday the 25Th started off by him getting up at seven with the baby and letting me SLEEP in. Oh bless my soul, it was marvelous. When I got up at NINE AM I came out to a table with flowers, home-made crepes with Nutella (delicious), and the computer out with my birthday video playing. I was so impressed!

After I had showered and we got Josiah ready we dropped him off with dear friends down the street the Wallaces. Adam then took me to see the movie Fame. Oh my gosh, it was AWESOME. I don't even know how I sat in my seat the whole time. I'm not going to lie, I did a little shaking it as we were leaving. That movie needs to be watched with an interactive audience so everybody can dance along while watching!

Then, we went to Sonic where I enjoyed a strawberry shake...yum yum. Then Adam got REALLY impressive. He then took me to a ballroom dance studio where we had a private dance lesson. When he pulled into the parking lot I just started crying I was so happy. We learned a bit of swing and rumba. I enjoyed every minute of it and we have another lesson next week!

We then picked up Josiah and Adam blind folded me and took me to the Olive Garden where a bunch of sweet friends were waiting! Then Missy Erin Goodman landed at the airport to come visit for the weekend. I had not seen that sweet girl since my wedding. We had so much catching up to do and finally time to do it! It was indeed such a sweet weekend.

I can't express enough how blessed I am by all the people in my life. I love all of you.

Also, September really is a great month as my sister Anna was born the day after me! Happy Birthday month to you Anna! I wish I could of been in Houston to celebrate with you. I love you and am so proud of you!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday Emily!

I want you all out there in the blogoshpere to join me in celebrating the precious birth of my beautiful wife! Call her...e-mail her...facebook her...or leave a comment here on the blog - but let her know that how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING she is!!!

Emily...I know one thing...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm going to begin by back tracking about three weeks. Adam, Josiah, and I all went to La Jolla, CA to stay at a beach house that my sister Stacy and her family rented for all of us. My whole immediate family was there. We had so much fun. Josiah just LOVED all the attention he got from Grandma, Grandpa, Tias (aunts), his Tios, and all his cousins. He was constantly entertained. My whole family got to spend time together eating, hanging out, and yes doing a little swimming in the COLD pacific ocean. Unfortunately, the sun really wasn't out much but we still got in the water. I have to say I LOVE the ocean. What I love more than swimming in the ocean is getting CRUSHED by the waves. I came home with bruises all over my body from the waves dragging me against the sand but I LOVED it! Josiah wasn't thrilled about the beach. He looked adorable with his little sun hat on but he didn't really like being confined to the towel. He didn't like the cold water when we put his toes in it and he puts everything in his mouth so he couldn't play in the sand. Oh well, maybe in a few years he will change his mind. We had a great vacation and were so blessed by all the family we saw. Not only was my family there but much of my extended family lives there. Every night we got to share dinner with precious faces we see too seldom. We also got In N Out Burger which was just AMAZING. I'm still thinking about it:) Enjoy the photos!

Monday, September 14, 2009

We Have Internet!

I have written at least five blogs in my head over the last few weeks. Since we began moving into our new house so many things have happened and we didn't have internet so I couldn't update the blog! You guys have been missing out on a lot! I will do my best to catch you up on all Josiah's cuteness!

Josiah got a hair cut!!! He is only 7 months and I wanted to wait at least a year but his hair was just too crazy.
I mean his hair looked like this when he was born. So he started off with more hair than many full size men:).

It got very cute as it grew long and curled and I sure did enjoy styling those curls.

No one can deny this baby had crazy style!

But then as he got crazy when he slept at night and lost most of the hair on the back of his head. At the same time this happened, his hair was still growing like crazy on the top and sides of his head. It didn't help that Josiah can not stop slobbering and also pulls his hair when tired or bored. So he would pull his hair in his face and it would stick to his slobbery cheeks. This is when we knew he needed a hair cut.

So we took Josiah to MopTops and his precious curls got cut!

And this is the result!

He is such a handsome little BOY! It doesn't help that the same time he got his boy haircut he started crawling EVERYWHERE, pulling himself up to a standing position, and eating in his big boy high chair.

Don't stay away long because I have lot more updates on the way!