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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


No more climbing three flights of stairs. No more carrying groceries, Josiah, and a diaper bag across a parking lot to get "home". No more taking Josiah's car seat in and out of the car. We have a HOUSE. Most importantly, we have a garage where the car can hold Josiah's car seat without it becoming scorchingly hot. We have closets. We have a whole closet just for linens.


Can you believe houses have closets for linens? Right now in our apartment Josiah doesn't even have a closet because his closet is filled with boxes of Adam and I's books from college that take up the whole thing. Having a closet just for linens seems like indulgence at it's finest. But I'll take it!

I have big plans of cooking big meals in a kitchen with 4 counters! I plan on filling all 4 counters up with different food dishes. Who would of thought you could cook different things on different counters!?

I really can't complain. We have loved our little apartment. So many things have happened here in this apartment. We went from renting a two bedroom apartment so we could have a guest room to turning our guest room into a baby room. We became parents here. It has been nice to be in a small place where the trek to Josiah's room at night wasn't very long. I have tripped over many things in this living room as I have sleepily tried to run into Josiah's room. Just last week when I was packing for vacation I hopped out of bed in my sleep as Josiah was screaming (he had a burp) and I ended up tripping over the suitcase that was on the floor and falling INSIDE of it. I screamed and Adam came running to find me sprawled in the suitcase! It is those moment I won't forget about this apartment.

We have outgrown this apartment, but just this week truly realized it as Josiah is crawling. He began officially crawling a few days ago and must feel cramped trying to navigate around the boxes. A while back I was writing about a short sale house that we put an offer on. It is a really long story but that house fell through. I was sad at first but God has given us an even BETTER house at exactly the right time. I am too tired to write more. Adam and I have been painting, packing, cleaning and trying to keep Josiah happy while not getting into the paint or cleaning supplies:).

I am off to bed to dream about all the first we are going to have in this house. Josiah is going to walk, run, poop in the potty, etc. We are so excited! We are moving ourselves (with the help of great friends) and will spend our first night at "home" Saturday. If any of you want to visit, we have a guest room and would LOVE to practice some hospitality!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Option 8

This is option 8. This my best try at baby dreads. This one is dedicated to Daddy!

Happy Voting!

Hair Stylin

option 1

option 2

option 3

option 4

option 5

option 6

option 7

Everyone knows Josiah's hair is CRAZY! He was born that way. My sweet little baby was born with about two inches of hair that went EVERY direction. It has continued to grow and is always a topic for a good laugh. He rolls around like crazy when he sleeps and has lost most of his hair in the back. The result is that he has long hair on the top and sides of his head and then short hair in the back...poor baby. My Momma always asks me if I have brushed his hair. Yes, I brush Josiah's hair every day but it just doesn't matter. His hair goes in whatever direction it wants to. I know he needs a hair cut soon. Well, he has NEEDED a haircut since he was born but he will be getting one soon. I'm just not quite ready yet. In the mean time, vote for your favorite hairstyle! How many babies can wear different hair styles? This baby has so many crazy adorable options! Even though his hair is crazy, I wouldn't have it any other way! We love Josiah and his crazy head of hair!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mommy Talk

I must share a recent NORMAL conversation I had with good friend Kelly. This is what a lot of my conversations sound like. Until it was pointed out, I didn't think it was the slightest bit odd at all. (This is a synopsis and is not exactly word for word as my memory is not that good)

Me: Kelly, is Derek's poop firm and formed like real poo or is it still soft?
Kelly: It is firmer but not hard.
Me: Did it suddenly change when he started eating cereals or did it take longer?
Kelly: Oh it definitely changes with the fiber of cereal. But it should be a bit gooey. It shouldn't be hard and they shouldn't have to make all sorts of noises to get it out.
Me: Hmmm...ever since Josiah began eating cereal I have been thinking he is constipated. He stopped pooping every day and it is formed like a normal person's poop. I think it should be more liquid-like. He does make some crazy sounds when he poops too.
Kelly: It is okay if he poops every other day or every 48 hours
Me: Hmm...I guess it has been every other day but it was just a baby poo that is why I thought he was constipated. And it was very formed, almost like play dough. He used to poop a lot more. I have been giving him prunes for his constipation but maybe he isn't even constipated. Maybe his poop is just changing and I am wanting his poo to stay like his baby poo and he is growing into big boy poo and I don't' know how to handle it.
Kelly: Emily, his poop is going to change and become more and more firm, like nuggets...it is going to happen.

(Josiah then had diarrhea for several days after I thought he was constipated as a result of his prunes)

I always knew I was a talker and could go on and on about most anything but poop??? Really??? Nothing is off limits anymore:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Half A Year!

Josiah is 6 months!
6 months!
I feel like that is so big! What am I going to do when he is 4, 8, or 10 YEARS old?
I don't know where the time has gone! I have to say I am enjoying this little blessing more and more each day. I love seeing his personality develop and getting to know him as a person with a unique personality more each day. He is getting happier and happier. My favorite attribute about him is that smile. When he smiles his big, toothless smile I think my heart really skips a beat. It just gets to me every time. If I were to describe his personality in one word it would be SWEET. He is just sweet, I don't know what else to say. He really has a gentle, sweet spirit and loves being loved. The words that would quickly follow sweet are crazy, wild, mobile, energetic, and restless. He has turned all boy! I have to be quick to get my momma snuggles in as he constantly just wants to MOVE. He can't crawl yet but he sure tries. When he is held he is constantly diving forward or backward (he wants to do a back bend) trying to move.

At six months these are Josiah's favorite things to do:

Rolling from the right or left to get wherever he wants
Flipping over backwards on the bobby when on the ground
Lifting up his play gym with his feet
Playing with his toes
Sitting up while holding himself on his hands
Attacking all his toys on his Baby Einstein
Laying on Momma and Daddy's bed and pushing pillows off his face with his feet
Laughing while being tickled
Being sang to
Doing the "airplane" with Mom or Dad
Nap time
Being read to
Putting any toy in him mouth and chewing on it
Drinking water from a real cup or just grabbing any cup he sees
Eating cereal, he can't get enough
Stealing the phone from Momma and putting it in his mouth