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Friday, February 26, 2010


I know I promised a lot of stuff about being better about writing.

I know I haven't been so good lately.

I haven't said anything about Adam and I's second anniversary or Josiah's first birthday party.

The big stuff often gets skipped because I'm too busy with all the details that comes with the big stuff you know?

I actually have a long list of excuses. My biggest excuse is that we have an old, ghetto computer that takes about 24 hours to load photos. This annoys me so much that I just give up and decide not to put any photos up. This means I decide to not even post anything because the photos show what I want to say much better than my words.

This old lap top also frequently has missing keys. For instance the k is gone. I have to punch it ever so lightly with my finger on the rubber thing under the key. Time is limited for me, so again I get annoyed and give up.The loss of keys is Josiah's fault. However, recently I have cracked down on him not touching the computer under any circumstances. This is why only one key is gone at the moment.

Those are really all my valid reasons. Basically, I also can be lazy. Yea, I said it.

You every day bloggers who have the awesome, trendy layouts and win awards and get money for your blogs because so many people read them, well y'all are just way over achievers. And you probably don't have an old computer either do you????

Anyway, the real point that I wanted to write about today is decorating.

I am in a slump y'all.

I am having one of those moments in life when I just wish Nate Berkus was one of my best friends (If you are lost, he is the adorable and very talented decorator that is always helping Oprah). I could just call him up and say, "Hey, Nate! My house decorating is starting to depress me and I feel helpless. Let's go grab lunch and then you can come over and give me ideas and we can go shop and you can re-decorate my house and fix all my mistakes. Then we'll play with Josiah together and you can stay for dinner. I am making chili".

Oh man! If only I was an over achiever and had an award winning blog MAYBE Nate Berkus would read it and want to be my friend and come create the cozy, inviting, oasis of a house environment I want!

Specifically, I am am in the slumps over my bedroom. I decided yesterday that I hate it and have to start over. I decided it depresses me. Yes, I am over dramatic. That is just how I roll.

My favorite room in the house is Josiah's room. I love his room. I just sit in his room because it is so cute! I succeeded with his room. I failed with our bedroom. This makes me very sad because I have always believed that the master bedroom should be the most relaxing, put together room in the house. I think it should be a place where the exhausted parents find retreat, a kid free zone that is a little haven of sanity and relaxation. I am very passionate about my ideas about what this room should be, but I'm stuck.

Our bedroom is cluttered, dark, and a little bit stressful because I just lay on the bed trying to figure out how to fix it and how much money it will cost AND what would Adam say if I mentioned re-painting?

My sweet hubs has spent a LONG time finishing the paint in our bedroom and bathroom. How do I break it to him that it just isn't working.

Adam, if you read this, it just isn't working:)


What do y'all do when you find yourself stuck in un-oasis of a room???

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You May Need to Sit Down!

I don't know what has been going on lately but CRAZY things have been happening, especially when I am driving.

Something happened last week that I have been needing to blog about and just haven't gotten around to it. I also haven't gotten around to getting up at 5:30 in the AM to work out with my hott husband. Hold me to it that I start tomorrow? My goal is to have rock hard abs by July. For this to happen I have to get out of my bed and and sweat it up with my husband doing P90X. It is the first step I am having problems with!

Anyway, back to the story.

It was last week and Adam was out of town. It was a hard week as Josiah got sick. It turns out he had an ear infection and thankfully I took him to the Dr. After the visit I had to pick up his prescription and run a few errands.

I was stopped at a stop light when I felt the car next to me staring. Whenever this happens I get REALLY awkward. I am one of those people that can make even the most awkward moments more awkward. It is my gift. I decided the best thing to do was to not look at the car and turn around and play with my baby. Josiah began giggling and smiling in delight with the game of peek-a-boo. Then the car next to me honked and I looked over to see a car of young highs school/middle school boys. The boy in the passenger seat was giggling at Josiah an said "cute baby".

I then felt royally stupid for not looking over earlier and seeing the car was filled with boys! These kids couldn't even shave yet. If they were staring, it was at my baby! I smiled in relief that I didn't have to be awkward anymore.

And then the car honked again.

The boy in the passenger seat who looked like he was about twelve held out his cell phone and mouthed, "can I have your number?".

Deer in the headlights....

My eyes got big and I think I made the same face that I make when I think about eating raw fish.

In disbelief I mouthed, "I have a baby". Surely, this boy thought I was the high school babysitter. I did have my hair in a pony tail. This must be a mistake.

He replied,"it is okay".
Still making the weird face, I raised my left hand to show off the bling on my wedding ring finger. I pointed to my ring and said, "I'm married".

Then the shocker...

The boy said "I don't care".

Again, I made the eating raw fish face.

I was thinking really boy you don't care? Do you want to pay for Josiah's college? Do you want to pay a mortgage? Can you even drive?

By this time I just didn't know what to say. The light was about to change.

I looked at Mr. twelve year old for the last time and I said, "you are twelve".

Then I drove away.

I think I laughed for a straight twenty minutes.

It was the funniest/strangest/most disturbing thing that has happened to me in a long time!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Have to Share!

Hello All!

I just have to share what I heard today.

I was driving in the car with the radio on and the traffic report came on. The DJ in a very calm, normal tone announced that I-40 was backed up and also there was a cow loose causing back up on Las Lomas. The cow was being loaded up.


A loose, COW.

Excuse me?

This is not normal. How do you just slip that in there without at least a laugh?


I guess that is Albuquerque for ya!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This takes time.

Please take the time and grab some tissues to watch this.

The reality that is shown here is heart breaking.