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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friends, Snow, and Throw Up

Hello Friends!

We made it back from skiing all in one peice with only slight bumps and bruises! We were truly blessed by our time with the Smith family. Adam and I met on a mission trip to Nicaragua with our old pastor and friend Butch Smith so being back all together with his family was a little bit like old times. When I say BLESSED by them I am not exaggerating one bit. Jalie, the youngest of the clan, offered to change ALL diapers and Butch babysat each day while Adam and I had crazy fun on the mountain. We enjoyed Michelle's good cooking each night and then just hung out together in the living room and went to bed early out of sheer exhaustion!

One thing I am still not living down is when I told Josiah, "stop touching the electronics" as he was standing up trying to poke the TV. I thought this was perfectly normal as he doesn't know the word for TV yet, he might as well learn electronics. The whole Smith family, and Adam too, had a BIG laugh the rest of the trip over it. They are laughing now but who is going to be laughing when Josiah says electronics as his first word? Yea...I am going to be laughing and hollering with excitement when Josiah shows them up! But really, I'll take any word as his first word so we'll see:)

We drove home from Angel Fire Christmas Eve and it was beautiful with all the snow on the mountains. The stench from Josiah throwing up ALL over himself in his car seat made it a little bit less enjoyable but it makes good, smelly memories! I can't complain because little Josiah got sick in Texas, then got sick right when we got back to NM, and was just recovering while we were in Angel Fire. He was still his jovial little self but threw up almost every day for about two weeks. Fortunately, he hasn't thrown up since Christmas:) His Christmas night throw up was the worst as we were at a friends house and both Josiah and I had to borrow clothes to wear home.

Is this post about Christmas or throw up? I got confused for a second. Josiah's first Christmas sure was a special one. He didn't really care about the presents we helped him unwrap and he was more into biting the Bible as we read him the Christmas story then really understanding it, but I know each year his understanding of our Savior's birth will grow and grow! We had so much fun starting traditions even when he won't remember them! I really enjoyed getting to sleep in on Christmas as Adam was so good to me and got up with Josiah. I have a feeling sooner than I think we will be pounced on by Josiah in the early morning to get up and celebrate!

Enjoy the photos!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Happened Yesterday

Hi, my name is Emily you may not know who I am because it has been so long since I have written a post.

Ya'll I have just been TOO busy having fun to write about it! I have been in Texas for a little over 3 weeks and just returned home a few days ago. During my trip I got to reunite with Jenny, Lindsee, and Claire over dinner and they got to flirt with Josiah...he LOVED it. The three of us are just a few of a group of girls that pretty much grew up together(for me it was since 3rd grade) at Cypress Bible Church. Jenny and Lindsee are just the best bloggers. When I am having a boring day or just need something to make me smile Jenny or Lindsee's blogs usually does the trick. Claire's blog unfortunately has been a little bit too much like mine...empty....love ya Claire! During our conversation my lack of blogging came up. I admitted I was just too overwhelmed with everything I wanted to write about. Jenn said, "just write about what happened yesterday". So that is exactly what I'm going to do:) This is for you Jenn:).

Yesterday I slept in! Sweet Adam got up at seven with the baby and I got some much needed rest. When I did get up we made pigs in a blanket and had coffee by the fire. It was perfectly relaxing and made me so happy to be HOME! After that we took Josiah to the Dr. as he has been fighting a cold for a few weeks now. It turns out the little baby had the beginnings of an earache. During Josiah's afternoon nap I drove frantically to Target to try to get something that matched Josiah's ADORABLE picture outfit. We were having a family picture done and I hadn't really thought about what we would wear until that day. Recently I cleaned out my closet and maybe I did a little too good of a job because my closet is very organized but there aren't many clothes in it:). I was a mad woman at Target running through the woman's section looking for something blue, white, and gray. I had a picture in my head of a long sweater dress that was dark gray with a thick long collar. I found nothing of the sort but settled for a blue sweater thing. It all worked out and I was FAST. At home I was able to get showered, hair fixed, and makeup on in 25 minutes. Can I have a cookie or something?

We haven't seen the photos yet but I am anxious to. Josiah was scared of the photographer and just had this look of confusion on his face most the time. The more the man made noises trying to get him to laugh the more serious he got. Oh well, he is still a cutie even without a smile.

Right now I am trying to write as fast as I can as I need to go pack my bags again. Tomorrow we leave to go skiing in Angel Fire with good friends....whoop! I just took out my ski stuff which I haven't worn since our honeymoon (almost two years ago). It is actually my mom's ski outfit from when she and my Dad were first married. It is at least 30 years old. You don't have to tell me I'm styling:) I promise photos in the next post.

Love and Hugs!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When Mom's Away...

The boys will play!!! Enjoy our adorable son!!!

Josiah Standing...

Josiah being SUPER excited (check out what happens right about the 1-minute mark)!!!

I miss you Emily and Josiah!!! Come home SOON!!! :-)