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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Double Dating!

I just can't handle it.

I'm double dating!

In college this happened occasionally. I'm not proud of it. I had the problem of not being able to say no, not wanting to hurt a guy's feelings, and thinking I was "friends" with everyone. I would find out later the poor guy thought we were dating. I thought this poor guy just liked being "friends" and then I would start dating someone else. I would then feel horrible! I get nauseous just remembering it. Warning to younger girls: most guys don't just want to be "friends". And never let yourself "accidentally" date. Make the guy be purposeful and don't be afraid to be honest!

Okay...so moving on. I have that SAME nauseous feeling now. When we were beginning to look at houses I would call Realtors inquiring on certain houses I saw while I was running or driving. I called two specifically. One realtor after telling me the house I inquired about was out of my price rang by $300,000 told me she would like to meet with me and explain the home buying process in detail. I said okay. It sounded innocent enough.

Another realtor after telling me the house I was interested in was again out of our price range, asked if she could e-mail me houses in my price range. I thought since I apparently can't pick a house that isn't drastically out of our price range, this help would be much needed! Well, after meeting with both Realtors (one to look at houses she e-mailed and the other to talk about the process) I found out that both women thought we were "dating" them. Oh, it gets worse. They both told us about the house we are now trying to buy. We had seen the house with one realtor and the other realtor was telling us about it and what a good deal it was. When did this happen? I agreed to meet with these ladies I never agreed to a relationship! Oh, flashbacks of horribly stupid situations I got myself into in college came leaping into my head. I can't handle it!

We actually made an offer on a house last night. Yes...big and scary decision! And today the other realtor who we just met and talked with called me and wants us to send her all our financial information so she can check and make sure we will be getting a good rate from our lender WHEN we "pick" a home. She is also waiting to go house hunting next week. Oh, there is a knot in my stomach. I just couldn't tell her we are already pursuing a house with the other realtor and that indeed we are not dating her!

I just called Adam and put him in charge of breaking up with this precious woman. I don't know how we started dating two Realtors. It just happened without us being aware. I'm afraid to break this woman's heart!

Oh man, I'm so glad I'm married and NEVER have to date again. I thought this horrible feeling was over.

Who knew you actually dated realtors!?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh My Goodness...I'm an Adult!

I have felt the exact same since I was fifteen. I'm serious. Certain aspects of my life have changed drastically of course, but all in all, I still feel fifteen. Growing up I think I looked forward the most to becoming sixteen and driving. I thought with a license I would gain some kind of halo of maturity. I thought sixteen was SO OLD! I also looked forward to the amazing powers of being able to go to sonic whenever I wanted. This went hand in hand with my license and I just didn't know if life could get better! Of course by the time I actually turned sixteen, I was too busy with ballet to actually go to sonic and let's just be honest...ballerinas didn't eat sonic. Let's be really honest...ballerinas don't really eat much at all. I will say I did eat but drastically less then I wanted to and sonic was out...along with carbohydrates, ice cream, and all my favorite things. But this post is not about ballet or eating, so I shall move on.

Next, I thought surely in college I would become really mature. I mean not only would I know I was mature but everyone I told I was in college would know how mature I was. Well, in college I must say some of my most non-mature moments shined for the world to see. I made rap songs on my answering machine. Instead of just saying "leave a message" I rapped a message. It was great, especially with my whiteness and my lack of all things "ghetto". My roommates and I hardly ever spoke to each other in normal voices. Oh no, we had our own very "mature" voice we would do to communicate. We sounded a bit like baby frogs. We also frequently made music videos of ourselves lip singing to our favorite songs. We also would make up skits and video ourselves and laugh for hours watching them. My best skit was when I starred as the "Wachiwachitawa" the woman of the sewer. I had my own dance that went along with it. It was a highly mature moment:).

Well after graduation, I got married. Now if I hadn't been mature in college I SURELY was then. Well, I have been married for a year and it hasn't happened yet. What really proved this to me what birthing classes. I was "mature" enough to get pregnant surely I was mature enough for birthing classes. Imagine this: a room full of pregnant woman bouncing on birthing balls with bellies protruding. Beside them sits their "supportive" husbands looking awkward and nervous. We all were trying to relax every part of our bodies and listening as the Douala smoothly told us to relax our heads, fingers, necks etc. I was TRYING to relax and breath but all I could think of was if Adam was really doing this. I would peek my eyes open and almost burst out laughing as I could tell he wasn't even trying but just pretending. It was all I could do to keep my laughter in. Another very "mature" habit of mine is laughing. If a situation is slightly awkward or makes me nervous, I laugh. It is horrible and gets me into trouble way too often.

Well, I am finally in a very mature state of life. We are house hunting! Now, maybe being able to buy cheddar peppers from sonic on my own wasn't mature but surely buying a house is! With every house we look at or think about I feel like I'm being yelled at "You are an adult! Look how big you are!" The problem is I'm still the same old me. I still laugh uncontrollably at all the wrong moments and would LOVE to still make music videos. This is a very adult step in life but I think I have to admit, I'm just never going to be truly mature.

That said, I could barely sleep last night because I was dreaming about what color paint to put in each room of our future home. I woke up excited but a bit stressed. I had a lot of ideas that are going to take a LONG time as in my dreams each room was at least two different colors. I even dreamed the whole process of buying the paint, taping the rooms, and painting with a baby. Wow... no wonder I woke up exhausted!

Yay for house hunting and moving on to my next not so mature stage of life! It is fun and a bit scary! It makes me just want to go to sonic!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So, Perhaps I'm Just Awesome...

What's going on people!?!?! This is Mr. Josiah D. Williams here, and, since both mommy and daddy have NOT updated this blog in a while, I figure I would take the initiative and do so. I mean c'mon, I've been alive for 7 weeks and I've been up to a LOT! :-)

Let's see, where to start...well, I suppose I'll just give you all a few new pictures. What I can tell you is that I'm growing...and growing...and growing! I'm now wearing 0-3 month clothes - which is great, because now I've got some STYLIN' clothes!

OK, so, I like to sleep with the blanket OVER my face!

Like I said, AWESOME new clothes!

And, I'm smiling a lot know because I love life!

OK, so, those were just some warm up pictures. Since the last time I updated the blog, a lot has happened in my young life. As you can see from the previous picture, I've started smiling...which both mommy and daddy love! I'm starting to sleep for longer periods while its dark outside - apparently that's called "night time" and people sleep when its dark outside. That was news to me...I mean, I had a nice thing going on while I was in mommy's tummy...but, in any case, mommy and daddy are really proud of me because I'm sleeping more and more at night.

But, I have to admit, one of the biggest things that has happened to me was that I took my first trip on an airplane! Which was my first trip to Texas! Which was my first time to meet Grammy Rose and the crazy Tune Clan! Which was also my first wedding! Phew...I'm getting tired just writing about it. So, yeah, Aunt Sarah got married two weeks ago, so that gave me an opportunity to travel to mommy and daddy's home state and meet a bunch of people! The airplane ride was fine - I mean, I slept the entire time, so, I was fine! Meeting everyone was, well, quite a trip! I really enjoyed meeting Grammy Rose - we had some good time together. I also really enjoyed meeting everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - on mommy's side of the family. Oh, the wedding was nice as well - though I kinda screamed through the ENTIRE ceremony, so neither daddy or I really saw much of it! But, mommy looked STUNNING in her dress! Here are some pictures of that adventure...

Me and Mommy at the Wedding Reception - How beautiful is she!

Daddy taking care of me at the wedding reception...

And, eventhough Sarah was the bride, I was the center of attention - there was normally a line just to hold me!

So, after all of that, I was quite tired!

So folks, there ya go! That's just a quick overview of all of the fun and excitement that I have been up to these past few weeks. But, before I leave, I shall leave you with my two NEWEST feats...

I'm a smiling machine! And...

Alright folks...that's all I've got for today. Thanks for checking up on me!!! I'm off to take a nap...:-)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Are Still Here...

Josiah is after his bath...one of his favorite times!
Striking a pose!

Modeling after his bath...owow!

This is Josiah when his hair is wet and momma got to the brush! Note: His hair will not stay like this when it drys. But isn't it cuter than the crazy hair?

He is precious when he sleeps! This is an example of the crazy hair!

He loves his Daddy!

I am a blog loser.
My deepest apologies for those that are trying to keep up with our life and see Josiah grow on the blog. Someday when I have slept more I will be better at this:).
I started Josiah's really long birth story and haven't finished it yet and so I haven't posted anything else. Well, I will just get to it when I get to it and keep posting photos of our sweet guy.
He is five and a half weeks! I can't believe it. He smiles at me everyday now. He is a lot more alert. He can hold his head up when he gets burped on my lap. Some of his favorite things are cuddling (he may look like his Daddy but he has a heart after his Momma), his bath, eating, and being burped. Seriously, this baby could be burped for hours. He just loves it! He just went on his first airplane ride to Houston to go to Tia (Aunt in spanish) Sarah's wedding. He did wonderful and slept the whole flight both ways. He was a BIG hit at the wedding. I have a huge family so there was actually a line to hold him because there isn't enough time in the day to be held by my whole family. He loved meeting all the family and being hugged and loved by all! Photos of the wedding will be posted when I get them off the camera. For now, enjoy these!