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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New "Activities"

It has been crazy how over the last few months Josiah has just been becoming more and more independent and adventurous.

Nobody worry, he still attacks us with hugs and and those precious open mouth slobber kisses. He will never be too independent for that right?

Seriously though, watching this little boy grow is amazing and horrifyingly scary at the same time. I assume these feelings are typical of parents of both boys and girls, but since all I have is a little boy, he is all I know. I hope and pray that in the future we will have a little girl and she won't be quite so...umm..."active". Seriously, almost every day I think, "I'm so glad he didn't just die". No one ever told me having a toddler was so dangerous! Before I had Josiah I thought that a one year old was clearly a BABY and they just sat on your lap and let you snuggle them all day. I can't deny there is some major snuggling that happens in this house, but Josiah attacking me with a hug and then pushing me over so he can jump on me is much more the norm.

Below are some examples of the many discoveries Josiah has been making. One of Adam and I's favorite comedians is Brian Reagan. Brian will sometimes talk about when he was growing up his mom would tell him and his siblings to go find a "good activity". Being children, they were always like "is this a good activity?" while doing something ridiculous. It is a lot funnier when you hear Brian tell you about it. Anyway, I feel that is what Josiah does now. Is this a good activity mom? And then I scream NO if I think he is endangering his life or smile in approval if he is indeed doing a good "activity".

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

one of those days

It is very possible I am quite moody today.

Being moody is wrong. The Bible says to be joyful always and to worry about nothing. It basically says, home girl, you don't got the right to whine about and be moody...under no circumstances. At least that is how I read it.

I am working on becoming un-moody today. I am currently making myself a cup of coffee. This could help my moodiness incredibly.

Last night was a hard night. Josiah was up most of the morning after 2 AM screaming. I don't think there is a worse feeling than holding your baby and having him scream and scream inconsolably. I couldn't blame him.

His ears hurt. I would scream too.

Sunday AM around five Josiah had a fever of 105. We took him to the ER and his fever went down very quickly. They ran many tests but the only thing they found was this earache. This is his fourth earache of his life...poor baby. Usually within hours of his antibiotics he starts feeling better. This time the earache must be worse. He seems pretty happy in the day, but the nights seem very painful. Hopefully within a few days the infection will be gone.

Anyway, back to me being moody.

I decided that the thing I need today is a microplane zester. In fact, I just wrote Adam about how I really want to make lemon pasta tonight from the Pioneer Woman's website but I can't without a microplane zester. In fact, I may not ever be able to cook dinner again without one. This has been on my want list for a while. I just always forget to get one. I always try to use my regular grater to zest fruit. It just never works. I also want to be cool like Rachel Ray and zest my garlic. She makes it look so easy and it never works for me! I guess today my moodiness just caught up with me.

You may laugh but I'm being serious.

Am I dramatic much? Maybe...especially when moody.

Dear God, please help my husband and thank you for microplane zesters and for lemon pasta.