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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update On The Belly...

This is Adam and with one of our favorite baby's Kai. How cute are they? Adam is actually really good with Kai. When we hang out I think Kai prefers Adam...so sad!

This is us just before one of our date nights. We went to a Sandia dinner in Santa Fe and listened to a scientist who was on one of the apollo missions. It was really interesting and we got to get dressed up:).

Here is a full view of the belly...I told you it was big!

This is us at the Wallaces for the OU v. A&M game. Yes, the Aggies got slaughtered, but Adam and I were still supporting our Alma Matter. I even pulled out a college shirt and pulled it over my belly. I was just excited I got it on!

We had to teach the Wallaces how to whoop. I think we scared them a little bit!

I haven't done a good job of updating belly photos. Although I have truly failed at updating at all, I must let ya'll know it is an impossible task. Every single day my belly is BIGGER...scary. Baby J is growing and developing on schedule it seems. He has started kicking like crazy, normally at night when I'm trying to sleep. It has made me lose sleep, but I can't say I mind too much. I love knowing he is active and moving!

Adam and I are packing and getting everything ready to leave for a bit for the holidays. We will be in Houston, College Station, and Orlando. We are able to combine Adam's work with Thanksgiving, family and friends, and even a wedding! I don't have time to update now, but I'll update when we return!
Enjoy the photos!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nesting....Oh My!

I've heard about the whole nesting instinct that comes over pregnant moms. I always thought that would be a good experience of pregnancy. Your house would get really clean and your husband's tummy would be full with great food, even more than normal:). Well, I think it has begun.

The problem for me is it began simultaneously with the mood swings. I have heard about pregnant people crying a lot and how they can be really emotional. I had secretly wondered if this was just an excuse for uncomfortable, hungry women to get moody. I can honestly say I hadn't felt my emotional state had really changed much. I didn't find myself wanting to cry or suddenly getting emotional with Adam.

Well, it all changed. Please pray for Adam. He did so great and went through my first MAJOR mood swing and nesting instinct craze all at once. Being that I work quite a lot now, it is really important for me to get cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, and chores done on my off days. Well, that is a lot to do in one day. I had Wednesday off and had decided in my mind I wanted to get all those things done. My day started calmly until around four when I had just finished dinner, our weekly must of pumpkin bread, and a few chores but NONE of the mandatory cleaning (in my head at least). I then looked around the house and realized not only did it need to be cleaned, but I found it repulsive. I felt like it was the most unorganized space ever. I then could barely clean because I went into a state of shock of how unorganized my home was. My thought progressed from "Wow, I need to re-organize our shoes" to "Baby J can't come home to a house like this!!" I went into panic mode.

Adam arrive happily from work to a wife on her knees cleaning out the bottom of the book shelf...you know the way back parts that are never seen. It didn't take him long to notice I was distressed. When he asked me why, my eyes filled with almost tears as I read off a list of things I had just decided our "cluttered" home needed. You see, Baby J would just not be a happy, loved baby unless we had some greenery! Adam was quick to see I was being nonsensical. When he pointed out to me that really greenery was not a "must" right now, the full on tears came streaming in!

Thank goodness I have a loving, PATIENT husband. He didn't make fun of me (although now he would). He just held me in his arms and had me talk to him about the "clutter". I then told him I hated small things. I wanted every "small" thing from our house removed. I decided it was clutter, and it had to be gone. I don't know how Adam kept from full out just laughing at me. We then spent the rest of the evening organizing together. He even organized the bottom shelf of the pantry...every girl knows that is a must before a new baby arrives!

Today is another cleaning day for me but at least I'm not emotional. I just hope this emotional state passes quickly because I'm the first to admit I was crazy the other day! Who would of thought greenery could be a tearful topic!

Thanks Adam for being so patient! I love you!!